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Safety Consulting & Technology in 2023

Safety Consulting & Technology in 2023:

  • Together with our customers optimizing our applications and looking forward  to desired innovations and features;
  • The ISO 27001 certification;
  • The contribution of our control room team in the migration of the control room of Apeldoorn;
  • The “birth” of the DCU App: Safety Dispatch, to be used in combination with all available OI systems, 4 safety regions have already purchased the App;
  • The breakthrough of the Residual Coverage Monitor, integrated with Pager and other alert solutions;
  • Speaking of breakthroughs: 3 fire brigade regions, 3 ambulance regions, Witte Kruis Event Care and 1 region in Denmark that opted for the most complete, platform-independent and innovative emergency services navigation application SafetyNav in 2023;
  • The ZORG-ID Smart certification by VZVZ;
  • The tender won for the AI ​​Tool for all Brabant RAV/GGD Regions and Witte Kruis Zeeland together with Stokhos Emergency Mathematics BV;
  • Pleasant cooperation with our partners infoware GmbH, B3Partners BV, TRUE, Fire Department Schedule;
  • New partnerships with IHM A/S, Stokhos Emergency Mathematics BV and Intemo;
  • The knowledge database, accessible to all our customers;
  • Eric Besselink and later this year Kevin Snijders who have been added to Team SafetyCT;
  • Various team outings, office meetings and Sinterklaas Day for the families;
  • How cool that all employees who celebrated our independence with us on May 16, 2019 still enjoy working with us;
  • Last year, 5 regions switched to SafetyCT’s arrival time server to alert differently/ dynamically/ more efficiently, so that a total of 18 regions (16 in NL and 2 in BE) now work with Care-DRIvE;
  • The preparation for the move to our new building, from which we will continue our course on January 22;
  • 4 Regions switched to SafetyCT’s GeoServer;
  • A new website.

What a year, what a great projects and what an interaction with our customers. The customers with whom we share the passion for safety and translate it into applications and appropriate support and service to provide maximum support to first responders with technology that helps them do their work even faster, safer and more efficiently.

A special word of thanks to our partners, thank you for your tireless efforts, the beautiful projects and the great collaboration. And last but not least, our SafetyCT toppers, 24×7, intrinsically motivated with an unprecedented customer focus, including going out to our customers. You are the best!!!

And then 2024, our customers have expressed and prioritized a number of wishes and a first message recently went out with a sneak preview of an upcoming unique development.

In the coming period it will be time for what is really important. Enjoy the holidays with the people you love to be around. Enjoy that and on to a very beautiful, safe and above all healthy 2024!