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If your daily work involves safety for contact & control rooms, emergency services, safety regions, crisis teams and companies, thinking and acting in a ‘safety-minded’ way obviously becomes part of your DNA. You adopt a preventive and pro-active approach to eliminate risks as far as possible. You actively consider even the smallest details. All with one common goal in mind: a safe society.


We devise, develop, fine-tune and integrate solutions for (and with) our clients. When every second counts, we help with up-to-date information, efficient and effective software and applications. And also with practical training. Furthermore, when necessary, we provide additional people for both operational and coordinating tasks.

Thorough knowledge of the world of security and safety. Contact & control rooms, safety regions, crisis-response services… Our employees come from this sector. Many of them are still active, for example as volunteer firemen. This sector needs solutions that are not only technically well-designed, but also truly contribute to safety through ease of use in the ‘hot’ phase.

Knowledge of Geo IT. As a team, the developers at SafetyCT have many decades of experience in developing, integrating and testing GEO software for contact & control rooms, fire services and other emergency services. We stand for software solutions that help with planning and organising, and share information with the contact & control room (software) 24/7 and in real time.

Knowledge of the 112 contact & control rooms. On average, our contact & control room consultants and specialists have more than 20 years of experience in the 112 contact & control room domain. Whatever the requirement – merger projects, national standards, technical challenges, CCR operators, functional management or training/schooling employees – SafetyCT has this expertise in abundance.

SAFETYCT. Driven by Safety. Our solutions and services always focus on contributing to organisations that keep our society safe. Safety is not a ‘9-to-5’ activity. For us, being available at unexpected times outside normal office hours is simply part of the job.


Our partners

To provide you with optimal service, SafetyCT works with a number of partners with a proven track record in the safety domain. These are hardware, hosting and software partners. This means that SafetyCT is optimally able to respond to your specific wishes and, if desired, to ensure that you can organize everything through 1 point of contact. We would like to introduce them to you here. Click on the logos for more information about our partners.