SafetyCT has been active in the 112 contact & control room sector since the introduction of GMS and C2000. At the moment, our people supervise mergers between contact & control rooms, provide support in the area of functional GMS management and are involved in national standards and strategic projects. SafetyCT also supplies CCR operators and offers training courses for CCR operators and functional managers.

There is a high level of synergy between our contact & control room team and our GIS solutions. We continue to integrate the expertise and information associated with both disciplines in order to deliver accurate and relevant information to the emergency services in the ‘hot’ phase.


Our GMS administrators are experts in GMS management. They are also familiar with other contact & control room systems. In addition to data management, we can also offer you support for more complex management issues and projects such as:

  • Setting up polygons
  • Location file management
  • Implementation of new GMS versions
  • Acceptance tests
  • Interfaces


Contact & control room continuity must be guaranteed at all times. In practice, employees may be temporarily or permanently unavailable in the event of sickness, etc. You may also temporarily need extra or specialist capacity. You can count on SafetyCT to deliver.

We have a pool of specialists who look forward to helping you in the area of:

  • Functional management
  • Technical issues
  • Data management
  • (Information) management
  • Project management
  • Fire service CCR operators and other interim functions


SafetyCT offers support for merging contact & control rooms via its contact & control room team. From the beginning to the end of the project. We offer support in the following specific areas:

  • Analysis of differences
  • Planning
  • Project management
  • Set-up issues
  • Migration
  • Training courses
  • Relocation
  • Test management

We have recently supervised the migrations at the contact & control rooms for Limburg, Oost Brabant, Rotterdam, Noord Nederland and Noord Holland. At present, we are implementing the above services at the contact & control rooms for Midden Nederland, Oost Nederland and Zeeland West Brabant.


Continuous training is necessary to update and develop your CCR operators’ knowledge and skills. SafetyCT employs experienced instructors who have personal experience of working in contact & control rooms and closely follow market developments and changes to the national frameworks. Since the introduction of GMS and C2000, we have trained hundreds 

of CCR operators and administrators in all disciplines throughout the Netherlands. We use this experience effectively to create tailor-made training courses that meet your specific training requirements. All courses focus strongly on practical methods and the tips and tricks that we have come across throughout the country.


SafetyCT sees a growing requirement for accurate performance data in the contact & control room segment. Management information is used to control internal processes and for accountability reporting in respect of external chain partners. In recent years, SafetyCT has helped various clients implement management information solutions in both Hyperion (Brio) and Cognos.

In addition, we also offer expertise and tooling for geographical presentation. By combining our extensive knowledge of your work process with our technical database knowledge, we can support you in the following areas:

  • Information analysis
  • Accessing information sources
  • Data warehouse architecture
  • Reporting


SafetyCT supplies a number of software packages that use contact & control room data while simultaneously returning information to the contact & control room. SafetyCT has developed its own SafetyConnect message server to receive and send the contact & control room data. SafetyConnect is currently used to provide incident and unit data to the units themselves for navigation purposes and for reading all incident-relevant data from the contact & control room. In addition, SafetyConnect Acts as the basic platform for (dynamically) alerting units via CARE-Drive.

Other applications for SafetyConnect include:

  • Receiving unit locations from multiple sources
  • Sending unit locations to the contact & control room GIS
  • Sending incident and unit data to availability applications
  • Delivering incident data to the national LCMS system
  • Sending incident data to Mobile Operational Information Systems in addition to SafetyCT’s own systems;
  • Sending incident data to navigation systems in addition to SafetyCT’s own systems;
  • Retrieving and sending contact & control room data for displaying Reporting and Alarm Protocols (MAR).
  • Sending unit data to the residual coverage application(s)

SafetyConnect is currently connected to all contact & control rooms in the Netherlands. Read more about (contact & control room) software from SafetyCT here.