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SafetyNAV certified by the Association of Healthcare Providers for Healthcare Communication


Ambulances are now driving around in some regions with the platform-independent and most modern and innovative navigation software for emergency services: SafetyNAV.

We are proud to announce that SafetyNAV is the first navigation and information system (NIS) that is certified for use with ZORG-ID. Safety Consulting & Technology is even the first company to be certified on the latest version of ZORD-ID: ZORG-ID SMART.

ZORG-ID is the authentication platform in healthcare! ZORG-ID enables software suppliers to quickly and securely identify and authenticate their customers – healthcare providers who use UZI cards.

VZVZ offers ZORG-ID to healthcare providers through their software supplier. ZORG-ID is a generic, central, safe and trusted platform for identification and authentication in healthcare. ZORG-ID has a multitude of (existing and future) applications in healthcare, complies with all relevant legal and regulatory standards and enables quick and easy integration into healthcare applications, also with a view to future developments and/or changes in this area. area.

More information about the Association of Healthcare Providers for Healthcare Communication, see the VZVZ website. See also the full ZORG-ID SMART certificaat.