SafetyCT supplies and supports a wide range of software solutions for contact & control rooms, safety regions, emergency services and industry. These include systems for navigation, coverage and deployment plans, digital access maps, equipment distribution plans, vehicle viewers, Geo data warehouses, competency management, planning, equipment and dispatching.

SafetyCT supplies the software, the associated service and ensures integration with your existing environment. Careful consideration is given to synergy and exchanging information between the contact & control room and the operational units to ensure that first responders can always count on correct and relevant information in the ‘hot’ phase.

GEO_ITGEO-IT (GIS) software

SafetyCT has actively offer GEO IT products to the emergency response and safety region sector for more than 20 years. The basic platform is our CARE software package, which generates coverage and deployment plans (Fire Station Sequence Tables) for the contact & control room GMS system. We also supply specific applications for navigation, mobile operational information, GIS analyses, object information management, etc.

The GEO IT team at SafetyCT includes in-house developers, functional managers and consultants. In addition to software, we also provide support for creating plans of various types, documents and installations.

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SafetyCT’s Device Monitoring application has finally relegated “after-the-event” reports of non-operational systems to the past.  The application was developed in-house by SafetyCT to anticipate and pre-empt problems, in close consultation between our Service Desk and our customers.

As you would expect, use of this application increases the operational availability of the units. Device Monitoring runs checks to ensure that the software on the mobile computers used by the units is still running as it should, that (contact & control room) links are still working and that data is still up to date.


The safety regions will continue to face major challenges in the coming years, such as scaling-up operations, changes to legislation and a more risk-based approach. A good Competence Management System is of great importance in view of these developments and the need to continuously update professional knowledge and skills.

At the same time, administrative authorities require transparent information about the organisation and the services provided. Future-proof service agreements require commensurate budgets. Administrative authorities increasingly ask what the core tasks are and how those tasks can be organised more efficiently. This requires tight control of your business process, at both regional and municipal level. The ability to identify key success factors is crucially important for both the fire service and the ambulance service. Information like this allows you to make timely adjustments and maintain organisational transparency for the administrative authority. The Safety Portal suite offered by Safety Consulting & Technology is intended to deliver the transparency you need.

The suite makes it possible to anticipate based on recorded data and facts and to proactively steer on expenses, call-out times and business processes. This gives you greater control over your daily processes and the use of all resources.

Safety Portal brings structure to your business processes, integrates information flows and gives you the information you need. How can the service be improved? Where can potential savings be achieved without sacrificing quality? Am I going to achieve the agreed call-out time? How can I manage based on commitments made in service agreements?

Safety Portal is used by various safety regions, such as the Mid-West zone in Flanders, but also by the fire services of large industrial companies such as Akzo, BP and Sitech. More than 70 Falck corporate fire brigades worldwide use this application, which was developed in our office in Gorinchem.


The Checks application helps you to deploy employees, either automatically or manually, based on positions, competences, contractual obligations and other variables. In addition, SafetyCT offers a web portal where, without having 

to involve the planner, the employee can swap shifts with colleagues, apply for leave, etc. according to the deployment rules and the Working Hours Act. Various safety regions and zones in Flanders already use Checks.


Agility is a web application that supports building management tasks and managing and organising the helpdesk function for equipment, buildings, or even a city (municipality). The application offers high flexibility and handles all aspects of work order registration processing, engineer planning, contract management, warehouse management, barcode scanning and, obviously, the associated reports and notifications.

This application allows you to manage equipment and issues related to facility management (automatically to a certain extent) based on work processes and authorised cost management. The application is suitable for both small and large organisations.


Do you know what alerts are triggered in the event of a fire in a building in your city centre area? Or do you think you know because you have been asked to design it that way? Without using valuable time at the contact & control room, our MAR tool makes it possible to identify and assess exactly which alerts are triggered in every conceivable situation.

One click on the map or a simple filter result in the form of a list gives you a clear picture of the deployment suggestions that apply in a given situation, and which type and quantity of units will be alerted.